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ePerform - Pharmacy Business Performance

PharmPerform offers multiple modules via an online portal, facilitating the delivery and management of a suite of Locally Commissioned Services through Community Pharmacy. Standardising approaches, in this respect, is a key factor in enabling a variety of services to be rolled out quickly and effectively with minimal training in a high volume, critical environment. The same, one size fits all approach, however, is not what is called for when considering the performance management of community pharmacies whose infrastructure, size and growth aspirations are wide and varied.

With a track record of supporting SME's, including pharmacies, in change management, business development and turnarounds, PharmPerform can assist your business, from single outlet to multiple chain, in developing it's full potential.

We would welcome you contacting us for a preliminary discussion regarding the potential for your business in one or more of the following areas:-

  • Business Planning
  • Financial review
  • Targets, Budgeting, Forecasting
  • Performance monitoring via a simple suite of KPI's & Trend analysis
  • LIFT Application support
  • Review of 100 hour contract applications
  • Business growth / development scope & support
  • Website development & online applications
  • Marketing & customer surveys